Helping a friend

Jennifer Collins with two friends who shaved their heads on Sept. 12 to raise money for her
Jennifer Collins with Laurie Flavin and Ann Miller who shaved their heads on Sept. 12 to raise money for her

The other day I was contacted by a local chiropractor, Laurie Flavin, who asked if I could help with setting up a web page with a PayPal “DONATE” button so people could help her friend, Jennifer Collins, who lives just outside Lunenburg.

Jennifer, an active mother of 3 boys in their 20s, broke her neck in a freak accident while horsing around with one of her sons last February and was instantly rendered quadriplegic.  As she says, she knew right away what had happened because her body went numb, but she stayed calm for her son and asked him to call 911.

Jennifer is blessed with good friends, a supportive family and a positive attitude towards getting better.  Right now, as she leaves rehab, her needs are material: a specialized exercise bike that stimulates muscle-nerve connections electrically, and a wheelchair van.  Her dream is to get stem cell treatment, but that will involve a trip out of the country.  Ultimately, she hopes to be able to take golf lessons as she had been planning before the accident.

You can read more and donate money to Jennifer at