Close encounter with a friendly Lepidoptera

Friendly Lepidoptera probes Dennis' hand with proboscis. Click to enlarge.
Friendly Lepidoptera probes Dennis' hand with probiscis. Click to enlarge.

Dennis Robinson writes:

This butterfly came to me yesterday.  He started out by alighting on my knee and ended up drinking generous quantities of cranberry juice, strawberry juice and Welches grape juice from concentrate.  I think he (or she) liked the grape juice best.

He sipped it off the end of my finger but later actually took some out of a teaspoon.  He was very tame and seemed to be well aware that I was trying to help him.  You can see that someone, possibly a bird, had taken a small chunk out of his back wings but he was in good spirits and very friendly.  This is the first time that that I’ve had such an encounter. I have other pictures of him on my knee curling up his proboscis but this will do for now…

(It’s probably a moth, due to its coloration, hairy body, and antennae which are smooth but not clubbed at the end.)