“There’s lots of room here to be different”

Talking to people who are drawn to live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, I find it interesting to learn about what attracts them here.

Living in Nova Scotia is a choice, whether you come from “away” or  have your roots in the province.

I often buy meat from Kevin Veinot at local farmers’ markets. His farm has been in his family for seven generations. Yet he too has made a conscious choice to live here, and to farm sustainably.

As he says in this video, “There’s lots of room here to be different.”

One Reply to ““There’s lots of room here to be different””

  1. Greetings Heather,
    Enjoyed the video immensely. A great insight into what you guys are up to. Withe the absence of snow, it is reminiscent of Central Victoria here; as are the cattle & Suffolks.

    Were they giant killer rabbits I saw?

    Anyway, nice job!
    Cheers, ic

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