Christmas in Mahone Bay

St. John's Lutheran Mother & Daughter Choir
St. John's Lutheran Mother & Daughter Choir, taken from the back of the church with a Fujifilm FinePix F1800, which has an 18x optical zoom. This photo was taken hand-held, from the back of the church, and isn't even at full zoom.

Don’t ever imagine that life in the more rural parts of Nova Scotia is devoid of fine cultural experiences.  In fact, there is more going on in many communities than a busy person can take in, and often it is all the richer for being home-grown.

Such was the case tonight when the St. John’s Lutheran Mother & Daughter Choir, directed by Leslee Barry, presented their Christmas Concert.  The beautiful, large church was packed.  No wonder: the music was very fine, with interesting, complex arrangements well executed, and very accomplished instrumentalists accompanying the choir. Much money was raised for the local food bank, and everyone went home satisfied, and in fine Christmas spirit.

Photos taken with a Fujifilm FinePix S1800 digital camera.

church interior
Christmas concert in St. John's Lutheran, Mahone Bay, one of the "Three Churches". Taken at wide angle (28mm) with the Fujifilm FinePix S1800.

So much the better for knowing several people in the choir!  That’s the human scale of life here in Nova Scotia.

House on Edgewater St., Mahone Bay
House on Edgewater St., Mahone Bay, between the churches. I was impressed by how the S1800 could take pictures at high ISO settings (here ISO 800) allowing after-dark, no flash, no tripod photography like this.

2 Replies to “Christmas in Mahone Bay”

  1. Yes indeed we are so blessed to have so much happening culturally and yet it feels very homey because you always know some folks either performers or audience. I’m from across “the pond” and met a gentleman who was in the same secondary school(boys’ school) as I attended at one of the Cecilia Retreat events…small world!
    If you don’t know about the South Shore Chorale and Youth Ensemble, possibly the oldest continuous Community Choir of distinction in NS you may like to check out our website We just performed to a sell-out house last Sunday. Come check us out in the Spring(May) for ” A Night at the Opera” or join us and do something good for your health.
    Our Trails being developed by volunteers are a treasure too. Ours winds up along the Lahave River. I hope that folks will find ways to support the efforts if they have not been aware of the work being done.

    1. Thanks for your comment, the link to the website and the other items. Things like this make a community.

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