Songs and poems about the ocean

My husband has just posted a video list of his favourite music and poetry about the sea on his French sailing blog, “Voile pour tous”.  The videos are in both French and English, but his introduction is in French.  Here’s my translation:

Sea, winds and boats weave a symphony of poems, music and popular song

Here is a collection of videos in French and English about the ocean, the winds and boats.  I welcome you to suggest others in different genres.

I am very grateful to YouTube for enabling me to post this modest collection.

Isn’t our planet amazing?  A big “thank you” to the artists, poets, composers and singers who have found ways to express their sense of wonder.

He has included a favourite of mine, “Je voudrais voir la mer” by Michel Rivard which Linda Morrison arranged for us in the Yellow Door Tabernacle Choir when I lived in Montreal. Even if you don’t understand the words, you can feel the rhythm of the ocean in the music.

Here’s the link to his blog post. Enjoy!

MERS, VENTS ET BATEAUX s’entrelacent dans une symphonie de poèmes, musique et chansons populaires