Solar powered snow removal

Almost gone

It was a joke in the editorial cartoon of the Herald – a comment on the slowness of HRM to remove snow from the streets, but it sure worked in our neighbourhood. The foot of dense heavy snow that fell on the weekend disappeared in a couple of days.  High winds early in the week helped a lot too.  The Annapolis Valley had at least twice as much snow to go.  There were flood warnings in some areas.

It feels like spring!  🙂


Pair of bufflehead ducks
Pair of bufflehead ducks

On my walk this morning, I saw no fewer than three species of duck in the little inlet taking shelter from the gale force southeasterlies: the American Black Ducks that breed prolifically around here, Mallards, and a pair of cute little Buffleheads.

Lobster season starts in southwest Nova Scotia

After what will surely be remembered as the great November snowstorm of 2008, I went for a walk this morning in crystalline -8 degrees(C).  From Crandall Point I looked out on the still waters of Mahone Bay, the open ocean behind, and counted six boats between Oak Island and Tancook.  I thought of our sailboat, now snug and dry, and marveled at the fishermen who brave such cold. But it’s the first day of lobster season, too important a day to stay home if you have traps to set.