Hatfield encounters a sticky oil spill

Canada’s Derek Hatfield hit an oilslick at 16 knots today, and it washed over the boat making a big mess. Now he has to clean up while still trying to make up for time he lost at the beginning of the race due to equipment problems.  At least he’s not dead last anymore in the Vendée Globe round the world solo yacht race.  But imagine the hazard of a slimy, slippery deck when you’re already pushing the limits.

Rooting for Derek Hatfield

We should all be wildly cheering on Derek Hatfield in his Algimouss Spirit of Canada, 60 foot speed machine, who is sailing alone around the world in the Vendée Globe race. He’s been running a bootstrap operation without the advantages of staff and money that a major sponsor would provide, but with the support of thousands of Canadians. Why isn’t there a daily update in a box on the front page of the Halifax Herald? Check out his site at SpiritOfCanada.net and the Vendée Globe site.