Doers and Dreamers 2011 is ready

Doers and Dreamers 2011 cover
Doers and Dreamers 2011

Planning a trip to Nova Scotia this year?  Live in Nova Scotia and plan to vacation in another part of the province?

The new Doers and Dreamers, the province’s flagship travel guide, is ready.

So are other guides such as the 2011 Motorcycle Tour Guide, the Halifax Guide, and Taste of Nova Scotia.

Check them out on the provincial tourism site. They’ll send them to you free.

Even if you travel for business, Doers and Dreamers is handy to have.

2 Replies to “Doers and Dreamers 2011 is ready”

  1. Can’t wait till I can pick up my Doers & Dreamers 2011 Guide. I usually pick up the local festivals and events brochure as well. Maybe this should be included in the Doers Guide too. The local tourist bureaus do not offer that guide when you get the Doers Guide but it is a great supplement!

    Mary Lou

    1. Hope someone from the tourist bureau is watching this, Mary Lou!

      Doers & Dreamers is one of my standard business tools, right beside the phone book.

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