International Fleet Review in Halifax

Theodore Too and Georges Island.
Theodore Too sailing between the photographer aboard the sailing vessel Mar II, and St. Georges Island. (M. Sepulchre photo)

OK, Theodore Tugboat is not exactly representative of the Canadian Navy, but he was present during the international fleet review in Halifax Harbour on June 29, and so was HRM the Queen.

So also were my son, mother and stepfather (a former naval officer).

They snapped a few photos as they reviewed the fleet from the sailing ketch Mar II while the Queen did the same aboard HMCS St. John’s.

Queen Elizabeth II driving by
Her Majesty's distinctive hat and gloved hand waving to the photographer, no doubt. (M. Sepulchre photo)

I’ve added a few of their photos to the Halifax section of the Photo Album.

Both the Queen (according to the Chronicle Herald) and my family (according to reliable sources) were given warm wraps by their respective ship’s crew to fend off the foggy chill.

The two groups came into close proximity later (see photo left).

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